Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Hello again.....

Hello again blog, its me.....your author.  I've neglected you long enough and feel it is time we get reacquainted.  I have missed you so these past few months, but life happened and took me away from you.  I am embarking on a new year and hoping for a new found love to blog again.  Bear with me as I make changes, maybe even changes in the direction of this blog,  I want this to be more of an outlet for me and not just keeping everyone up to date on my family happenings. 

Here is a short recap.  December we had 2 birthdays, my beautiful red headed daughter turned 12 and my vibrant littlest girl turned 5.  Time is slipping away from me as they grow up so fast.  We had friends that came to be with us and stayed through Christmas.  It was a very special Christmas for us this year.  A few of the kids ended up sick with a stomach flu the week before Christmas and then another on Christmas Eve.  I also ended up sick with an ear infection that same night that left me with a perforation in my eardrum.  The next few days are a blur of flying wrapping paper, Motrin, tons of movies, lots of sweet goodies, and napping. 

While having sick kids during this time we had to postpone Christmas with our family until we were healthy. The Tuesday after Christmas my children went to be with grandparents while my husband and I traveled to help a friend that was relocating. We were away from our family for a whole week! I missed them so much, but it was good to be with friends and have some time alone. Upon returning from our trip we had enjoyed some much needed rest as a family and finally celebrated Christmas with our family this past weekend. All the decorations are finally down, things are getting back to "normal," the kids have colds now and the saga continues.

So here are some pictures to catch you up on all that has happened.  Some things will go unsaid and others will tried to be forgotten, but life happens, forgiveness is freely given, and a new year brings new hopes for the next.
This is Christmas Day Snow fun!  Our FIRST White Christmas!  Thankfully everyone was feeling well enough to enjoy a little while in the snow!
This is my middle arrows 10th Birthday!  I can't believe how time has flown by!!  She didn't open a present on her birthday because all she wanted was to go to the movie "Tangled" with her family!  Of course we took her, since we don't go to the movies very often it was a real treat for all of us!

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Teacher/Mom said...

Looks like it was a fun Christmas! I can completely relate to ruptured eardrums. I've blown out each of mine five times! The pain is unbearable until it actually breaks through and then you spend weeks with tunnel hearing. I've got so much scar tissue now that I have a small hearing loss as a result. Hope you enjoyed your snow! Heard it was a doozy. Blessings.