Monday, January 24, 2011

A Finch Rescue....

 This morning as my adoring children were looking out in to God's creation, my oldest arrow saw a frightening sight!  (Now if you've been following my blog long, you will know how much we love our birds, feed them well and enjoy them through our kitchen window.)  So as they are watching the birds, my oldest arrow saw a Blue Jay attacking a little Yellow Finch!  The poor finch was just sitting in the middle of the yard, scared, shaking and a bit dazed.  I went outside to investigate the situation and as I was walking over I could hear the Blue Jay in the tree mocking the poor thing.  Sqwak....sqwak.....sqwak!  As I approached he flew away.  I'm sure you can imagine what happened next!  LOL

The bird is just looking at me, like help, but don't touch me!  My oldest begged me to "help her."  How do you know its a her?!  Well, her colors were not as bright and pretty as the males, so I guess she was right.  My oldest picked her up, put her in our extra bird cage and took care of her for a few hours, until we thought she was no longer dazed and safe from harm.

She ate some food, sat in the cage shaking for a long time, but by around 1pm she was ready to fly the coop!  She was trying to stick her head through the wire of the cage and we took that as a sign....she needed to get home.  We took the top off and hoped she would fly away...................................................  ahh, but she didn't!  She could not fly, but she could walk and walk she did!  She was gone after an hour and we haven't seen her since.  Now the children are all praying that she finds her way home and her wing heals enough so she can fly again.

It was a good experience for all.  It was so great to see our favorite bird, upclose and personal.  Though she never spoke, as she was scared practically to death, I hope one day as we look out enjoying our finches that she will be among them, singing a little thank you tune. 

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Cheri said...

Ahhh, how sweet that you saved that little bird. I am sure that it was very thankful.

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