Wednesday, November 17, 2010

We Are The CHAMPIONS.....

Wildfire U-15 Girls team finished their season UNDEFEATED and as CHAMPIONS!  I am so proud of my Arrow and all the girls on the team!  Everyone played their personal Bests and it showed all season.  They each improved with each game and their hard work paid off!  We are officially off soccer season until the spring! dinners, movie nights, no more fast food after practices, no more long drives!

This past Saturday the girls played a Semifinal game and during this game our very own Oldest Arrow scored 2 Goals!!!  In the collage picture below I shared the photographic evidence of one goal!  The look on her face afterwards was priceless!  Her mouth was dropped wide open looking around like....did I do that?  Well, one goal wasn't enough, she had a taste for it and wanted more!  I was so excited and proud by then, I forgot I was supposed to be taking pictures!  I got caught up in the moment of the game.  The girls won that game and went onto the Final Championship Game!

It was a Loooooonnngggggg day for everyone, but the girls persevered and won that game as well.  Enjoy the pictures of the CHAMPS!  Know that we are Proud of EACH OF YOU!

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