Friday, November 5, 2010

A Picture is worth......

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, right?  Well how about a few collages?  Will they make up for my hiatus from the blog!?  SORRY!  It's been so crazy hectic around here.  I truly just haven't had time or motivation to blog until now.  I hope these picture collages will help you understand why I've been so busy and catch you up on the happenings at our "Blessed Little Quiver."

This is our trip to the Brushy Mountain Apple Festival and then up the Blue Ridge Parkway for a day visit!  It was a beautiful day to enjoy God's creation, as is any day!  This was a great family day.  We started the day with 2 soccer games, good food, apple festival fun, a nice drive, hiking and great pictures. I just love spending time together as a of my favorite things.

This is our recent trip to the Creation Museum!  If you haven't been, GO....if you are thinking about it, is money well spent!  I wish I could have recorded my Youngest girl arrows reaction to Adam and Eve's joy as they walked in fellowship with God and then after the fall, their sadness.  She was so overcome with their sadness, she started to understand the magnitude of "sin" and what it really means for us.   Precious moments!  We were also blessed to share this experience with our Best friends that recently moved to Indiana.  We will cherish these memories for a lifetime!

 This is the Creation Petting Zoo.  The kids really loved feeding and petting all the animals.  Even little man fed a few animals, but his favorite was the camel.  My oldest arrow doesn't show favor towards anyone and enjoyed feeding all the animals, especially the zebra/horse.

These are our dearest friends that we spent the week with in Indiana.  My heart longs to be with them.  It's so amazing to me how God puts people in our lives that we need at just the right time, my how I needed them and still do.  We have only known them for a few short years, but it feels like we have known them a lifetime!  We truly are more like family than friends. 

The kids are just as close to each other as us parents!  This was a Great "old fashioned," meaning like when I was a kid, park.  They had a merry go round, metal slide, see saws, swings, big rope tree swing, cool train where we rang the bell, and a little boat play set too.  It was a beautiful fall day at the park....a wonderful last day to our short trip.  We spent every waking moment together doing something fun, games, corn hole, outings, shopped the "Rural King," Creation Museum field trip, step classes, zumba, and late night laughter (my favorite).

We returned home on a rainy, stormy day only to unpack the car and lose power for the night and most of the next day.  Things are cleaned up from the storms, power is back on, school is in session and life is just as it normally is, BUSY.

Reformation Day was this past week and the kids enjoyed some dress up fun.  We hosted home fellowship in our home on this evening, so the kids loved showing off their costumes.  As you can see we had "Woody" from Toy Story, "Jessie" from Toy Story, "Astrid" from How to train a dragon, "Mean, Old Neighbor Lady," "Tooth fairy Princess," a Black Eyed  "P" and Daddy's One of a kind....NO costume t shirt.

So there you go, you are now caught up on the happenings in our quiver!  See you around!


The FitzGerald Family said...

I'd love to know how you make the collages! They're beautiful. Loved the Creation Museum when we went there in 2008. Amazing place and ministry!

Teacher/Mom said...

I'd love the answer to that too! Looks like you've been busy and having fun. It's been a difficult last few weeks culminating in my sending the kids away to keep me from the rubber room. Now we're behind for the week. Oh well - that's life for a homeschooler - always behind. Blessings.

Blessed Mommy said...

Hi ladies...thanks for your comments! I'm so glad to see that you all haven't given up on me! LOL

The program I use for the collages is free, I downloaded it from Google. Hope you enjoy it! It is very user friendly and lots of fun! ENJOY!

Jennifer Shand said...

What a fantastic fall you are having - loving seeing all the pictures! I wish we could just use the pictures to insert into the lesson/grade books to show for all your accomplishments in the past several weeks.

Mammaw Brenda said...

I love the Reformation day pics! Mammaw Overcash said Makenna looked just like me.....gee, Thanks Mom! Oh well....looks like a fun day! Love you all, Mammaw Brenda