Friday, June 11, 2010

Barefoot Blessing Beach Blast

 Our beach trip was wonderful!  I need to say a special thanks to my Mom and Step Dad for allowing us to use their beautiful beach house for the week!  We had a wonderful time!  The kids loved the sand, ocean, riding the golf cart and going for ice cream!  We made some great memories!  Daddy was able to join us halfway through the week and enjoy a few days with us.  It was extra fun when Daddy got there.  The kids missed their Daddy and I KNOW I missed him even more than them.  There's something about taking your kids to the beach, for me its not relaxing.  I feel always on guard.  I have to watch the ones in the ocean on boogie boards to make sure they don't get caught in the undertow or drown, gotta watch the little ones on the beach playing in the sand so they don't wonder off and get lost.  There wasn't a peaceful day at the beach for mommy until Daddy arrived! I can relax and tan the backside of my legs, since so far I had only been able to sit in a chair and watch everyone.  However, I should've asked Daddy to put my sunscreen on my backside.  My oldest arrow put it on and missed a few spots!  I was so sunburned on the back of my legs that I had trouble sitting for a few days!  It's better now, but it itches reallllly really bad! 

Daddy got sunburned on his feet the first day out on the beach.  Poor guy!  They were swollen, red and they are RED and Itchy!  Poor thing...he is still having a hard time with his feet and it's been a week!  His 2nd day on the beach he thought he would play it safe and just stay out of the sun and under the umbrella for shade.  Well, he didn't put on sunscreen, thinking the umbrella would protect him.  WRONG!!  Very Wrong, he was burnt to a crisp!  He sat under the umbrella for about 3 hours, then cooked on the way home, by the time he reached home he had to remove his shirt from the pain.  He saw how red he was and realized what he had done.  He is still suffering from that burn too.  Finally starting to peel around his shoulders, ears and face.  He is quite pitiful to look at.  I guess in our mature years we don't "tan" as we once did. 

All in all, despite sunburns and itching, we had a fabulous time!  I especially enjoyed the peaceful days of doing nothing.  While my Mom and Step Dad didn't get to stay the whole time, we missed them, but made the most of our time together!  During the week we had beautiful weather, but on the days we needed a rest from the sun and beach the Lord provided rain.  Those days we spent inside, doing a little homeschooling, playing cards with my Mammaw and making memories for a lifetime.

Barefoot Blessings to you all!!


Carl said...

You forgot to mention the beat down I gave everyone on our first game of Phase 10.

Mammaw Brenda and Pappaw Dan said...

That's the wonderful thing about God's provisions, He means for us to share them and what a Blessing our kids are to share with! We had a blast too! Looking forward to spending Many, Many summer days together and making many more memories together.

We love you ALL!!!!!
XOXOXOXOXOXO, Mom :-) and Pappaw Dan B-)