Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Pool Happenings...

Today we went to Grandma's pool.  It was HOT and the perfect thing to do on a Hot day, did I mention it was hot?  The kids hadn't played in the pool this year, so it was fun to see what they remembered from last year.  Little Man remember he could jump in the pool and he did it over a hundred times!!  The oldest arrow did what teenagers do best, spent most of her time above water, tanning more than anything.  The youngest girl arrow spent alot of her day trying out her flippers.  This was her first year in the pool with no swimming gear to help her.  I thought it best to see how she handled herself.  She did pretty well considering.  Now the middle arrow was alllll about under water!  It is so hard to keep an eye on her because I never know where she is...she's all over the pool and under water.  She is like me when I was a child, a FISH!  Last, but not least the 2nd to oldest arrow was busy helping her little brother, swimming him around the pool and helping this sweet little girl that took to her like glue.  She was very helpful and the little girl wanted to go home with us.  : ) 

I love to watch my kids interact with other children at the pool.  The kids at the pool today were very polite, asking if they could use toys, etc.  I was really impressed!  Most of the time a community pool everyone assumes the toys are community too.  LOL  Anyway, all in all it was a wonderful day with the kids.  Hope you all are having a blessed and wonderful day too!

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Carl said...

Glad you all had a great time. Glad to see no one got too burned though!