Friday, May 14, 2010

Friday's Here....

Ahh, finally Friday!  I made it through my first week.  I may have spent 3 days in bed, but on day 4 I got up and showered...that's progress!  Day 6 is here and I had lunch wtih my Mammaw, grocery shopped, washed and folded laundry, cooked dinner and did the dishes!  I have to say that I am very proud of me, for getting all that done today.  If you have never suffered depression you won't understand what an accomplishment this is for anyone, but trust me it is!

I can't say that things are getting easier, they aren't, but we are getting over the initial hurt and trying to look to bigger things.  We are going to try and plan a trip to the beach with my mom in the next few weeks and we have our annual homeschool conference to attend.  I have lots of things to keep me busy in the next few weeks.  We need to finish up our school year, finish testing, look at new curriculum for next year and start planning for next year also.  I'm hoping that we can get caught up with some schoolwork, as we are a few weeks behind right now.  I got spring fever a few weeks ago, then we helped our friends move and this week was a total bust, cause I didn't feel well.  Great thing about goes where we go and we can do it at OUR pace!  The kids are actually excited to know we will be continuing some subjects through the summer.  We will still take time off for fun, but I think they like knowing that there will be some consistency to their days...not just a free for all.

Tomorrow we have our LAST soccer game of the season!  It's the Big One....Championship Game!  I'm looking forward to it and to the end of the running around for awhile.  Fall will be here before I know it, summer will be over, a new school year beginning and soccer season right behind it, but for now I will embrace the spring and enjoy my kids!  Have a Great weekend yall!!

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