Friday, April 30, 2010

Take time to smell the roses!

Isn't this the prettiest color rose you have ever seen?  It came from my rose grandmother bought it for me as a birthday gift.  Today is my birthday and I found this perfect bloom waiting for me this morning.  It made me smile brighter and stand a littler straighter too.

Often I wonder why I can look at things in creation and it makes me feel better. Does that happen to you?  This morning as I was walking enjoying the peace and quiet, the serene sound of birds chirping, feeding their young, the waves crashing on the lakeshore, dogs barking in the distance, trees whistling in the wind and the sound of my footsteps along the road, I thought what an awesome God I serve.  He created all this that is around me, all that I was enjoying.  He knows every bird, animal, person, feather, hair, direction of the wind and waves....and He is not overwhelmed with it all.  I have felt every emotion this week with the closing of my dearest friends moving, yet not once was I overwhelmed with it.  God has given me a peace that I can't explain, an acception to the fact and blessed me beyond anything I deserve.    So I can look around at today and say...THANK YOU GOD for all you have given me, you have blessed me beyond my years.

Have a super great week!  I am off to help my friends move, so I'll be offline for about a week!  Enjoy the roses!  Take time to smell them too!!

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