Monday, April 26, 2010

Growing Faith...

I just love spring days when the kids are done with schoolwork and go outside to enjoy creation.  Today some of the kids came inside yelling "we found a nest, we found a nest and it has babies, cardinal babies!"  Of course I went running.....with my camera!  :)  Mom cardinal flew out of the nest and bush quickly when we all went outside, but the babies weren't bothered by us a bit!  They let me take a few pictures and even posed for me a few times. 

I really can't tell you how grateful I am that the Lord lets my kids experience His creation, His design for animals and His kingdom right here in our front yard. 

Let our faith grow as these young babes, feeding on HIS word as these babes feed from their mother...let HIM be in our every thought and deed today.

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Michelle said...

i wonder how many people get our blogs mixed up? lol.