Monday, February 1, 2010

Projects for today

So, the older kids played outside in the snow most of the day.  I gave them a "project" for school.   They were instructed to build an igloo.  First the attempted to scoop out snow from a mound and make an igloo cave, so to speak.  Next I instructed them to a block type igloo.  So, off they went and upstairs I went while the younger babes were still napping.

Ahhhh, it feels so good to accomplish a task for the day.  Don't you think?  Today I wanted to get some sewing done.  I have a number of projects cut and ready to sew, I just wasn't in the "mood" to do them.  Last week I had read a few other bloggers that were making camera straps for their cameras.  I thought, what a fabulous idea!  I could have a stylish, yet comfy strap on while I take I did it!  I made my very own!!

YAY me, of course, I realize that it is very "girly" but the camera was a gift for ME, from my hubby.  I have material cut and ready to make him one too, if he complains about the flowery print.  It is much softer and nicer to wear now with the minky dot material on my neck.  Also it is completely removeable! 

On to the next project for today, making a camera wristlet case for my 11 yr old arrows new camera that she got for Christmas.  She is having so much fun taking pictures, but she needed something to keep it in. 
I think it is just her style, don't you?  She loves music, wants to play guitar and piano, wants to be a "rock star" so I thought the fabric was perfect for her. 
For the straps I used a ribbon.  It is lined and has a pocket on the outside/back as well.  It is so cute!  I think I may have to find someone else that needs a camera case, just so I can make another!  It was fun and it only took me about an hour to complete.
Here's a sneak peek of the inside!  Bright Orange, because it reminds me of her firey red/orange hair!  She's such an outgoing gal!!  Love you sweetness!  Hope you enjoy your new camera case.

BTW, the igloo cave collapsed!!  So, I guess they learned that building with brick type stones is stronger than just scooping out dirt from a mound.  :)

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