Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Still Going...

Ahhhh....we've been so busy that I haven't blogged in some time.  Sorry!  As you can see from the ticker above, we are doing well on our "goal" for this year!  2 1/2 weeks into our lifestyle change I have lost 15 pounds.  I'm happy with that and hoping for more loss when I get back into my workout routine.

I recently implemented a schedule for all of us and it is working out wonderfully!!!  I have heard less whinning and groaning from the children, less fighting, more fun times and more extra time as well.  I'm amazed at how much of my time was wasted on little things.  The kids have adjusted quite well to the new schedule, except the teenager of course!!  She doesn't like getting up so early, but she is trucking along with the rest of us and I am so proud of her and the other children.  I knew I was blessed, but with these new endeavors of late they are being real troopers and doing GREAT!

I hope to blog more often and keep my weightloss updated every week.  Some weeks there may not be a change, but that's ok, at least I have somewhere and someone(s) to keep me accountable!  Thanks for the support everyone!

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