Saturday, January 10, 2009

Slow Progress

I finally feel like progress is being made. Three of the kids are much better, now just the two youngest are still sick. The 3 yr old arrow had to go back to the doctor yesterday, only for us to discover that she had a blood blister ON her ear drum....also known as "H. flu"

Haemophilus influenzae.....In infants and young children, H. influenzae type b (Hib) causes bacteremia, pneumonia, and acute bacterial meningitis. Occasionally, it causes cellulitis, osteomyelitis, epiglottitis, and joint infections. Due to routine use of the Hib conjugate vaccine in the U.S. since 1990, the incidence of invasive Hib disease has decreased to 1.3/100,000 in children. However, Hib remains a major cause of lower respiratory tract infections in infants and children in developing countries where vaccine is not widely used. Unencapsulated H. influenzae (non-B type) causes ear (otitis media) and eye (conjunctivitis) infections and sinusitis in children, and is associated with pneumonia.

So, yes my kids are all vaccinated, but this is not the meningitis part of the infection....its from the pneumonia that she had last week. Although RARE for kids to get after being treated with antibiotics, it does still happen in a small number of kids. Well, for anyone that knows my family, you know that if its RARE it WILL happen to us! It is just part of the way God made us. (I mean my husband has been bitten by two black widow spiders on two separate occasions and now he his highly allergic to ant bites.) So I say, if it is rare, it will happen to us! I can laugh about it now, because I have come to expect the unexpected. Anyway, it explains alot of her screaming lately. She never told me anything hurt and I asked her a number of times. What hurts? Do you not feel good? And she always said nothing hurt and she did not feel sick anymore. LOL I think she was just tired of being sick and tried to convince herself she was better.

I am still keeping us on quarantine. We have been home since the doctor visit Monday. I did go out with just arrow 4 to the doctor and we washed our hands up to our elbows, and changed clothes to decontaminate. Daddy has gone to work, but decontaminates when he comes home. We will be home for another 3 days before venturing out anywhere. I am still thinking of keeping the younger ones home and only letting the older 3 go to basketball practice. It just makes more since to protect them until their immune systems are back up to 100%.

So, enough about sickness. It's Saturday, Daddy is home, we are still in our jammies and its almost noon!! That's a Wonderful day if you ask me. We will be watching movies and taking naps this afternoon. I LOVE WEEKENDS! Keep us in your prayers and have a Blessed Weekend.

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Daddy said...

Thank you for being a wonderful nurse and Mommy to our kids.