Monday, January 12, 2009

Back in the Saddle....

Good Monday to you all! Normally Mondays are hard for me, trying to transition from daddy being home all weekend to him at work. Today hasn't been too bad. My son did wake up at 7am, went back to sleep at 10am for 25 minutes and is now down for his regular afternoon nap. The 3 yr old is down for her nap too. We have been skipping nap time for her since she was sick, it was a marathon of movies last week and all weekend, since she will rest during the movie and not run around. Alas, the naps are back and mommy is happy! The girls got their morning chores done today in about 10 minutes, total miracle, and then were ready for the day.

I let them watch a new show today called Bizkids on PBS. It was very interesting. Today they were teaching the kids how to make money, earn it, invest it, or receive it as a gift and then what do you do after you make can save it, earn was really good stuff, so I put that down as part of their lessons for today. They have a few more lessons to do and we will have finished our first school day for 2009!!!!! FINALLY a school day for the new year!

We are so grateful for your prayers, they have been answered. The kids are getting stronger by the day and feeling so much better. We have been home for an entire week, so they will go to basketball practice tomorrow. They are all very anxious to get out of the house and I am too.

Thank you again for your prayers. I hope that you are each healthy and blessed. We are very happy to be back in the saddle again and ready to ride!!

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