Friday, January 16, 2009

Happy Birthday Monkey Doodle!!

WOW!!! 12 years ago today I was about to become a mom for the first time!! I can't believe it has been that long, it seems like yesterday. Where do I even begin with you? You were the first child for us and the first grandchild for my parents, and first great grandchild for my grandparents. Your arrival was greatly anticipated!! There were 9 people in the hallway awaiting your cry and daddy was right beside me. Labor was intense, hard and LONG, for I didn't know what to expect. When you were ready, you made your entrance with a Rebel Yell. You were so beautiful, I cried, Daddy cried and the hallway crowd burst into cheers and cries. It was a Beautiful day, our daughter had arrived, safe, healthy and finally here for us to hold. We ooooo'd and ahhh'd over you for the longest time and still do. Since that day you have given us great joy and much to be thankful for.

You showed from the beginning that you were not a child to be considered average, you did everything above average and well beyond your age. You have acted well beyond your years since birth. Even now as you turn 12 years old, you act so much older, you are so mature. I know this is our last year together as a child, you will become a teenager soon, but I am not worried. Only your age will change, but not your heart. You will remain the mature and beautiful girl you are today.

At the age of 4 you accepted Christ as your Lord and Savior. Your daddy and I both wondered, could it be? at such an early age? will it last? OH YES! God is working a wonderful work in you. You have truly grown so much since that day of acceptance. You ask questions, and we give you the answers we feel God is leading us to answer for you. You have had to deal with alot of life's issues that young children shouldn't have to endure, but you come through it with a stronger faith, your head held high, and greater understanding than most adults. I am always amazed to watch you with your sisters and brother. I see how God is training you to be a wonderful mother. I know you will be a better mother than I am....for you have God on your side and in your favor. I try to do the best I can, raising you to be a "help meet" for your spouse, if that is the Lord's will for your life. I have tried to teach you how to be a "keeper of the home" and "servant." I pray for you, that you will be richly blessed when you grow up, I pray for your husband, that he is being raised now to know and love the Lord. You often hear us talk of being evenly yoked, that is what I pray for you.....never know a day without Christ in the drivers seat of your life. Christ will take you to wonderful places, places even I have never seen, He will guide your path always, if you let Him.

My Monkey Doodle,you have been my monkey doodle from birth and you always will be. Maybe at some early phase in life I knew you would be a wonderful artist! I know you will be famous one day. God will use your art to bring glory to Himself. You will find a way to praise our maker through your art. Keep painting, keep drawing and keep looking to God to guide you.

My dearest firstborn, you are such an inspiration to me. I pray that you always keep your beautiful smile, your sweet laughter, your confident presence, and your love for Christ. May your birthday today be as special as you are. I love you! Mommy


Daddy said...

Happy Birthday Bethany! I love you very much!

The Shands said...

Happy birthday Bethany! we had a great time at your party, i hope I did not embarass you in front of your friends. We are truly blessed to call you a friend. Thank you for sharing your day with us. Happy Birthday and may God keep blessing your life.

Brenda said...

Dear Bethany, how fitting was your 12th Birthday Night. I remember your Birth Day so well. It was a BIG, full moon, bright,lovely and very, very cold....just as it was 12 years later. Your Daddy called me at the old lake house about 10pm saying they were heading to the hospital and, of course, I was not far behind them. I remember taking note of the moon, the night, the weather so I could tell you one day of the events of that night. I was one of the hallway crowd waiting for your arrival. Since your Mommy was my Firstborn and my little girl giving birth to you, I endured each labor pain and each push in the hallway with her just as if I were the one in labor. As much as I wanted to meet you, I did not want my little girl to ever hurt.

When you made your first appearance, all thoughts of labor pain was forever forgotten. You were indeed cheered when you arrived and every day I have grown to love you even more than that special day 12 years ago. You stood by my side during the most painful time of my life and even as a toddler patted my back telling me not to cry when "my heart hurt". You are a special girl and though I do not know what God has in store for you, I do know it is special because you are special. I thank God for the beauty of your spirit, the sensitivity of your nature and the joy of your smile. I love you. Happy Birthday, Mammaw Brenda