Monday, January 5, 2009

Sick again!!!

It's been a long weekend. I have 2 kids with pneumonia and 1 with a sinus infection. When will the sickness madness end?? We have been sick off and on since November. I keep asking myself....what do I need to do? How can I get everyone healthy again? So after the doctor appointment and the pharmacy visit I went to GNC and bought a ton of stuff to help build up our immune systems again. I petition you again for prayers. Blessed Mommy is so tired from not sleeping through the night, as I tend to sick babes, give out medicine and administer breathing treatments every few hours. The youngest 2 arrows are both sick with pneumonia now, 103 fevers, crabby, achy, coughing like crazy and choking from coughing stuff up, not eating well at all and just pitiful sick. The oldest arrow is down with her 3rd sinus infection in 3 months. I am praying that the medicines work for everyone, that we have no relapses and maybe soon we can start back to school!!! It's been over a month since we had school. We are about 3 weeks behind schedule right now, not too bad, but I really don't want to get any further behind. Please pray for my arrows immune systems and for the sick ones to heal quickly. Thanks!

Have a Blessed Week Y'all!

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Brenda said...

So sorry to hear you have sick babies. I'll pray for you all. Love the facebook playing. LOL love to you all. Mom :-)