Friday, January 2, 2009

A Blessed New Year

Happy New's officially 2009. Sorry I haven't blogged, we have been busy around here. We brought the new year in right by playing Wii games, Qwirkle, Catch Phrase, A to Z, and so many more I can't list them. We had some friends come over to celebrate with us. We took every precaution and had our friends stay here with us, so as to not have them on the road on such a dangerous night. We had such a Sweet and GREAT time. The kids actually made it until midnight and we were able to Ring in the year with some sparkling grape juice and kisses all around. Then after the kids were in bed, the adults sat up until about 2:30am just talking. It was such a sweet time. I have enjoyed getting to know this family so much. I often think that the husband is my long lost brother and the wife is like my twin!! We have so many things in common with them and we are all so very thankful to God for putting them in our lives. We made a few phone calls to wish a happy new year to others that sadly couldn't be with us, but were in our hearts and thoughts always.

I don't make resolutions, but I do pray and seek God's wisdom to improve on my downfalls, for I have many. One downfall is our scheduling....I am seeking wisdom from God to get me motivated to stick with more of an "idea" than a schedule. Toddlers don't allow for true schedule, and a housefull of 5 kids surely is much chaos, so I need an idea schedule. I pray that God grants you health in the new year and much of His grace be to you and your family.

Blessed Mommy

PS...our 3 year old arrow is sick sick with pnuemonina (also keeping me busy) so I petetion you for your prayers for my family. We could use some prayers for health. It is so hard when one gets sick because they all seem to get sick. The small price of having such a large and LOVING family. When one is sick, everyone wants to be the mommy. :) Thank you.

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The Shands said...

thank you - we had a great time also - we missed the other family that could not join us due to prior committments but we had lots of fun and we are truly blessed to be in your lives. we will keep praying for the 4 arrow and mommy (the real one) and that the rest will not catch it also. love ya