Monday, December 29, 2008

A Blessed Christmas

Well, the packages are all opened, mommy is going nuts with the mess everywhere, daddy is back to work, the kids are overwhelmed, our schedule is non existent and the new year is approaching. WHEW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It was a wonderful Christmas. I did manage to stay focused on the joy and love of Christmas and not the rush of wrapping, baking and everything being perfect. On Christmas Eve the girls and I baked candy, dipped candy, wrapped a few last minute packages, and then everyone showered. We all dressed in our matching Christmas skirts and went to church for our Christmas Eve Candlelight service. It was beautiful. After church we go to my grandmothers (the kids great grandmothers) to have dinner and open presents. This year everyone bought 1 gift per child and then the adults did a "white elephant" game. It was so much fun! The kids loved everything they got and had to open every toy and the adults had just as much fun taking gifts from one another trying to find the perfect gift. It was alot of fun, even the kids got to help us out. The kids would go and take back a gift from someone, so we didn't have to get up. You know, our poor old aching bones, we needed help from the young ones. After opening presents we cleaned up the kitchen, ate some dessert and packed up the cars. It was time to get home to bed, for it would be an early morning. Mommy and Daddy were up very, very late, but it was worth every minute. The kids didn't wake up until 9. Mommy got breakfast started because everyone would be here at 10 to watch the kids open presents. (This is a tradition that my mom started with me. I was an only child, so everyone came to our house to eat and watch me open presents. Now we have continued the tradition.) The kids were so good, always so patient, they have never been ones to rush to open their gifts. They are grateful for every single one. So after all the food was baked, and the presents were open we were ready for a LONG NAP. That's just what God had in store for us too.....2 hours later, we woke up and went to a friends house to hang out and play some games. After we played a few new games we wanted to get home and put the kids down after a long day. Once we got in the car the kids made us very aware that they hadn't had anything to eat since about 11:30am, so they were "starving." Where would you go to eat on Christmas Day? What would possibly be open? Chinese? No, WAFFLE HOUSE!!!! Off we went to Waffle House, and we went with another family that was visiting at the same house. After feeding our starving children, we went to Pinnacle Shores to see the lights. A few houses went in together and synced their lights to music. It was really neat! Now I am hoping that next year blessed daddy will do it to our lights! hee hee Anyway, it was the perfect ending to our wonderful, loving, blessed, family, friends filled Christmas Day! I pray that you all had a wonderful and blessed Christmas too!

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