Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Sleep Deprived.....and CRABBY

No pun intended...since we are still at the beach. :) Apparently my 10 month old son doesn't like sleeping at night. He is currently sleeping in my bedroom at the beach house and it is NOT working for me. He has been up all night for a few weeks now. My whole demeanor is going down hill and fast. Part of me wants to be back home simply because I would let him cry and not worry about waking up a whole house full of people. I am so concious of everyone else in the house, I hate to think I kept someone else awake at night because of one of my kids crying. I think everyone heard my son last night though....he was not cooperating with me at all and I couldn't run away. He would stand up on the side of the bed and look at me while crying.

I think maybe I wouldn't be so tired if I could go to bed a decent hour. You know how it is...on vacation with friends, put the kids to bed, adults downstairs, it's quiet, junk food comes out, ice cream and a game of Qwirkle. There are so many giggles and serious belly laughing, clean ups on aisle 4 (from the moms peeing in their pants) and cheeks hurting that I can't go to bed and miss all the fun, no matter how tired I am.

Anyway, time to get off the puter as my husband says and get a tan!! Happy Blogging!

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