Monday, August 4, 2008

At the Beach....

I am sitting here at the beach with some dear friends. I am having a BLAST, although I wish my husband was still here. He will be returning in a few days, but I still miss him. This is my second week at the beach. The kids and I had a wonderful time with Mammaw, Poppaw and Great Mammaw last week in Garden City and this week we are in Pawley's Island with our friends.

Last night the kids all went fishing and I think everyone caught a Croaker fish! It was the cutest thing watching all 11 kids out there fishing together. There are 3 families here with us and it's so GREAT. I love all the kids running around.....makes me wonder though? Could I handle 11 kids? Is that my calling? Somedays I think I could and other days I'm so overwhelmed I don't know which way to turn. Oh well, that's not for me to decide anyway, that's the Lord's plan.

Happy Vacationing All!!

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Carl Larson said...

Get off the computer and lay out in the sun!