Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Update on lots!

Induction is going well!  So far I'm down 9 pounds in 8 days!!  I only got crabby a few times last week, thanks to your prayers and I have had an incredible amount of energy to keep me going.  Again, thank you for your prayers, they helped.  I'm still trying to decide where to go when this induction phase is over.  It seems to help get me over a hump, so I just may continue with it a bit longer.

Today we started school.  We were all lined up and ready to start yesterday, but I awoke to a Crashed Computer.  Of course, the computer that is centered around all the school work and schedules.  Obviously we had to postpone starting by a day.  My dearest husband came home early yesterday to rebuild a computer, try and save my harddrive and change the central computer to another.  We are blessed to have more than one computer in our house, so he could make these changes easily.  It was a long night for him, but by this morning he had everything up and running again.  We were only 45 minutes behind our schedule this morning!!  Not bad for the first day, but I'm hoping for improvement.

The kids have a heavy load of subjects this year.  More than they've had in the past.  So this morning as we were going over the plans for the year their faces went from happy to sad, very quickly.  They got better as the day progressed.  They perseveered and did a great job on their first day.  I pray it continues.

So, there you go.  That's our update from last week.  Until next time!

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