Thursday, August 12, 2010

Longing for Routine....

Ahhhh....I miss my routine.  I miss the fall weather, the smell of cinnamon potpourri, and the sounds of pencils to paper and keys tapping a keyboard. I need routine!  I need school to start back!

I never thought I would see or hear the day when I longed for our summer break to be over or longed for a schedule to follow.  But here I am.....longing and yearning for a regular routine.  The busyness of summer has finally come to a close.  We were blessed to entertain all summer and I do mean all summer.  7 weekends out of the past 8 weekends we had family or friends staying with us.  It was such a Great summer!  A true summer to remember, but I'm ready for routine, ready for school.......ready for a schedule!

I had huge plans this week to get my lesson plans all drawn out, organize the new curriculum, ready the computers and school desks, but a migraine was in store for me instead.  After 2 full days in bed I've had to put off all lesson planning.  Motrin wasn't a help, but my dearest husband called my Dr and got my regular migraine medicine and I'm feeling human again with a bit of after pain in my eye.  So it looks like another day partially in bed, but at least today I can look at the computer screen with sunglasses on.

My oldest arrows have been a HUGE blessing to me these past few days.  Always taking care of me, bringing me anything I needed, and taking care of the little ones.  I am so blessed.  I'm so glad that they had family and friends over recently to just play and be kids.  We've played so many games together this summer and enjoyed each other, like families should, it was a wonderful summer.

But I'm longing for routine.........................

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