Thursday, March 18, 2010

God's Calling....

Where oh where have I been??  I don't even know myself.  It's been a crazy week, I can tell you that.  Lots going on and there never seems to be enough time for me and my blog.  It's always the last thing to get my attention.  Sorry for anyone that was wondering if we are ok.  We are GREAT, just busy little bees.

Several weeks ago I spoke to some women at my church about being too busy to listen to God's calling on our lives.  I prayed so hard that I would learn from what the Lord was teaching me.  It was a hard week, busy trying to prepare to leave 2 little ones behind while I took the older kids on a field trip, leaving my husband behind as well.  I wanted the house to be comfortable for him while we were gone, the clothes to be clean, kids to be well taken care of, even if I wasn't providing all the care.  I was often too busy to stop and pray, stop and listen to God speaking to me in the midst of it all.  Do you ever get that way?

Well, I sure don't want my kids to remember me always being "busy" for everyone else.  I mean, being busy for the Lord is great, busy with church is awesome, but too busy for my kids is a big NO, no!  It makes me ask myself, "what kind of legacy do I want to leave?"  What do or will my kids remember about me?  Was mom always on the computer?  Too busy to read a book with them?  On the phone too much to see to my scraped knees?  Too busy with household chores to notice I was lonely and needed a friend?  Or will they remember the things I want them to??  Mom stopped everything to tend to my scrapes and tears.  She read me books over and over even though I had them memorized.  She prayed for me when I felt worrisome over schoolwork or friends.  Do they know that I pray for their futures?  Do they know I pray over them?  Do they even know that I pray?

I have been trying to spend more "time" with my kids, doing more fun things with them, putting aside the laundry, the hustle and bustle of the day.  I struggle with this so much, there is so much being neglected, but for now....My kids are NOT neglected, they are More important to me than a load of clean clothes or dishes.  So, forgive me when I don't blog everyday or every other day, or even for a week.  It's because God has a bigger plan for me, He has more to offer me through the real world than this blogoshpere.  He gave me 5 precious children to mold in His image, His likeness, show His love, teach His ways and I am choosing to obey His calling on my life.  I pray you are listening to His call on you as well.

He's you hear??  Will you listen?  Blessings to you all!

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