Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Oh the deep....

All week I have been singing this song.  As a member of the praise team at our church, we introduced this song during the offertory.  I LOVE IT!  It's my new favorite!!  "Oh the Deep, Deep Love" by Bob Kauflin   (this is a youtube video, please don't hold me responsible for the ads or comments)   This song is an old hymn, but only put to new music.  How beautiful!!!  I can't tell you what a saving grace it has been for me after this weekend and past few days, I am truly leaning on the words of this song.  "Oh the deep deep love, all I need and trust is the deep deep love of Jesus!"  How true!

The old me would have been deep in a pit of depression by now and yesterday I was fighting it for sure, but today I stand triumphed in His Glory and resting upon Jesus for every breath!  Last night Blessed Daddy and I had to tell our girls that their "BESTEST friends" are moving to Indiana!  It never seems to matter how much you prepare for these moments, you are never prepared.  I have had awhile to let this sink in, but it felt like hearing it for the first time.  How my hurt is aching and rejoicing at the same time.  I know that the bond of our friendship is strong and can withstand this distance, but trying to convince my kids of this is something different.  My middle arrow didn't take the news really well, she is so tender.  The Second Oldest Arrow was quiet, she is hurting on the inside.  My youngest girl arrow is too young to understand, but I will always hate to see my kids sad and hurting.  This is a wonderful song to help heal us!

Oh the deep, deep love of Jesus
Far Surpassing all the rest
It's an ocean full of blessing
In the midst of every test
Oh the deep, deep, love of Jesus
Mighty Savior, precious Friend
You will bring us home to glory
Where Your love will never end

I am taking great comfort in these words.  His love surpasses all the rest, no one can love us the way He does.  In the midst of every trial, test, and season HE is the one there to carry us through, lending His shoulder for us to cry on, wiping the tears from our faces.  Oh Father, how I am leaning and trusting in these words today!  Thank you Dear Lord, for hearing me in my cries and offering mercy and love to me.

Here's the question I pose to you today, Will you trust in His Deep Love?  I certainly pray you do!


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Jennifer Shand said...

So as we were running this song for rehearsals sake Sunday morning the words finally hit me. I looked up at Bethany, and then started balling. How short of a time we have had together but it seems like we've known you forever. I will miss seeing your children grow up and the fun times our families have spent together. We will take you guys with us in our hearts and I know that we will always be friends. I think about the future and meeting again for our children's weddings and graduations and so forth. The fun weekend getaways we will plan for and the shared moments of life and death. We love you guys so much! Thank you for being our friends!