Monday, January 11, 2010

New Year.....New ??????

A new year...a new me!  I am ready for some about yall?  I do not normally do "new year resolutions," however, this year I am making goals for myself.  First on the list was a new hair cut!!  I opted instead to get a perm, first one in 23 years.  So far I am in TOTAL love with it and it's so easy to style, just wash and go!  Next on the list is to get Healthy again.  Hubby and I started together this time.  I don't have much success when I go it alone, so my darling better half is helping me.  We have started with our diets first, eating better, etc and next is to add exercise. 

I hope to keep you all updated on the "goals" for this year and help you to keep up with the family as well.  What better way to update than with pictures!?  So, here you go, the months of December and Jan in a nutshell!  ENJOY!

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