Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The eyes have it....

Today was an early day, but a successful one.  My second oldest arrow and I had eye doctor appointments.  We loaded up the van and everyone went with us.  What is it about an office full of glasses makes your kids go nuts thinking they have to try on every pair!!??  LOL  The younger ones were putting on glasses that were bigger than their heads.  It was so funny.  After our exams, finding that my daughter and I have a very similar eye design, we went to pick out new frames.  She has had her glasses for 2 years now and I thought she was due for a new frame.  I can 't wait for her new glasses to come...they are so cute!  Very fashionable and colorful.  They also make her look older. 

Here is a picture of her old glasses...they have lost their pretty pink shine.
I will post a new picture when her new glasses come in....

After about 2 hours we were finally done there and off to Huntersville for some errands only to find that the fabric store I wanted to visit was closed due to some smoke damage caused by a fire nearby.  :(  I was so sad!  Now I am trying to find what I need online because I don't know another fabric store that is nearby.

Later this afternoon I took the middle arrow to soccer practice.  She was running all over the field, kicking her ball and laughing with some new friends.  I was on the sideline with no other children to worry about, since my wonderful hubby brought the other kids home and made them dinner.  What a Keeper!!!  He is so good to me.....and I love him so much.  Thanks honey!

Now we are home and watching a History video.  Bedtime will come soon to follow the short video and then another beautfiul day tomorrow!  How thankful I am for the wonderful days and the hard days that the Lord allows me to share with my family.  Have a Blessed Day Y'all!!

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Carl said...

You're the keeper...not me. Love ya sweetie!