Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Early Day....

Today started off much earlier than our normal days.  My Middle arrow and I got up for an early walk.  We walked 2 miles and it felt GREAT!  After we arrived home my oldest 2 arrows went for their run.  They ran 4 miles today!  Show offs!  :)  That's ok....slow and steady I always say.  After a fast paced morning the afternoon kinda hit a lull and we all got really tired.  So while the boy was sleeping, I layed down with my youngest girl arrow and watched Rapunzel with her.  The girls were all finishing up their schoolwork and eventually were able to join us.

I ask you, is there anything sweeter than 5 beautiful kids piled on your bed watching a movie with you?!!  I love these kind of days.  Now it is time for dinner, soccer practice and praise team practice....ahhh, the busyness never ends.

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