Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The Holy Spirit......

It's back to school for us next week and with the new school year comes a new schedule. For the first time ever, we will be taking classes outside of the home. I signed the oldest 3 arrows up for a Science class that meets every other Thursday....but that is not the case! The oldest is on one Thursday and the other 2 are on the opposite Thursday, so we will be going out every Thursday for class. I could be frustrated with the scheduling, but I'm not. I am so thankful that the kids can be with other home schooled children and having fun with science. Plus the curriculum is awesome! They will be using Apologia....this is the one curriculum that I have always wanted to do, but been too intimidated by it to try. This way I am not teaching it alone and they can do the experiments with peers their own age.

Not only do we have outside class this year, but we have our usual fall soccer schedule to include, practices and games. So far the middle arrow is the only one officially signed up for soccer. The oldest arrow was signed up for soccer, but it didn't work out so well. She is too old to play in the league we had originally signed with and had to pull her out, despite the reasoning of others that "everyone does it." Yes, they are referring to cheating and lying about kids ages. I was totally dumbfounded at the thought and can't believe that they would even consider it.

As homeschoolers, I realize that we all home school for different reasons, but this is my first encounter of this type. This situation goes against everything I am trying to teach my children, trying to live out in my daily life, and more importantly against God's commands. I can't and won't cheat just because everyone else is doing it! As a sinner I also realize that it's an easy trap to fall into, but for once my guard was up, my conscience alert, and I knew right away it was wrong. I could have just kept my mouth shut and not said anything, but something within me was unsettled....what you ask? I guess the Holy Spirit really is within me and I saw/felt evidence of it yesterday.

I often question whether or not God is pleased with me, does He know me? Will I be one that He never knew? But I am fully confident today, I am confident that I have Him in my heart, He lives within me, He has given me the Holy Spirit to help guide me and for once I was truly listening! I have often thought of Christ today and thought of how he was tempted by Satan, he could have chosen the "easy road", the other path, instead He did the Father's will to save and me. How I Thank Him today and everyday for going to the cross for me. May my life always shine forth the love of Christ and nothing else.


Carl said...

I'm proud of you for standing up for what is right and being a light to others to see that cheating is not the way of the Lord.

You Rock!

Blessed Mommy said...

Thanks honey, but you are way too biased! I mean I trust your opinion, but you would say anything to make me happy. :)