Saturday, June 13, 2009

Where do butterflies go......

....when you release them from your children's captivity??

They flutter off your hand and into the butterfly bushes in the yard, of course. Then they flutter around some more so that you can admire what beautiful and spectacular creatures they are and how good God is and thank Him for your "science" experiment.

Arrow Number 4 was sooo proud of her butterfly. She stood there watching her eat nectar for the longest time.

We have enjoyed watching the caterpillars develop into chrysalis and then into beautiful butterflies.

We had 5.....3 males and 2 females. How do I know you ask? Females have larger abdomens then males. Almost immediately after emerging from their chrysalis they quickly find a mate!!! Then a few days later, the females laid their eggs allllllllll over the butterfly basket. (You may have to click on the image to see it in life size to see the turquoise looking eggs. They are tiny, but you can still see them without a magnifying glass.)

We are hoping to see the full circle of a butterflies life. We watched our butterflies for about 2 weeks before letting them go today. It was a sad, but beautiful thing. We still see them fluttering about in the yard.

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