Wednesday, February 4, 2009

What is this white stuff???? SNOW???

Yes, we got some white's more of a dusting, but they say it is snow and they cancelled school! So we decided we would join them in the no school day. It's just a dusting, but enough for the kids to play a bit and mommy to get some pictures! Here's a slide show! Enjoy!


Daddy said...

I'm glad you all got to have some fun in the snow. Great pictures got skillz!

Teacher/Mom said...

Snow? Nope - I think it's powdered sugar. Maybe the tooth fairy came and dusted you.

Okay, I just have to make fun. I heard all about the snow from my Mom today. For the schools to be canceled "up nort" where I live, there needs to be about six inches or the temps have to reach about 15 below without the windchill (add about -20 for the windchill factor.) And even when they do cancel, we still have school. I figure they get out to play in it enough as it is. I do think, however, that snow angels made with just a dusting are much nicer than the ones made with several inches of snow. The outline is much more defined. Looks like fun! Blessings.