Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Walmart Woes

UGGGGGGGGGGGGG......where is the Walmart Haters Anonymous group??? I would be happy to join the WHA. Our Walmart has recently undergone a "makeover" and I think it is the makeover from Heck!! Everyone is complaining, no one likes it, you can't find anything, just when you think you are on to something they move it again. 2+ hours in Walmart will do anybody in, but especially 1 frazzled Mommy and 5 kids (2 of which were ready for naps before we walked in the store).
We are home now and I am praying that my meal planning paid off this time. I am not one for planning meals and such, but after 2 weeks at the beach, not eating out and figuring we only spent $21 dollars a day per family for 3 meals....I guess meal planning was worth a shot for me here at home. My oldest arrow and I sat down this morning and planned our meals for about 7 days, we wrote down on the list everything we needed for each meal that we didn't already have here and off to Walmart we went. I spent way more than normal for 1 shopping trip, but I feel like I got so much food!! We should have plenty of food for a while. I think the only thing we should have to buy would be bread, milk and eggs when ours runs out. We even planned on nights of eating leftovers. I know some of you are thinking, how in the world does a woman with 5 kids not already plan her meals. Well, I am NOT a schedule kind of gal, I don't like them, there is no room for spontaneous fun. I like to be adventurous, care free, but with an idea of what will come ahead. So now you know my deepest darkest secret, I am not organized, I am not scheduled and I am NOT superMom. Who would have thunk it? :) Hee Hee Not that any of you thought I was SuperMom, but I do like to pretend every now and again.

Blessings to you all!


Jennifer said...

Here's what you need to try out: Menus4Moms.com You can have them email you menus with recipes and shopping lists included. Pretty neat. My problem is actually following it all week.


Carl said...

At least you didn't run into a
crazy electric card lady!

amber said...

We joined the WHA group 4 years ago...where have you been?haha After the many issues with customer service and oh those long lines with one lane open. Alan decided to boycott them..Enough was Enough. Now we shop at Targetville, exclusively! Bless your heart trying to fight the dreaded Walley World. Much love and compassion your way.
PS-We've missed you 2 weeks in a row. Can't wait to see you all Sunday!