Saturday, August 23, 2008


God is so wonderful all the time, but I especially thank him for the friendships that He has given me over the years. Some friends come and go, but there is something about a "sister in Christ" or even a "brother in Christ" that just lasts longer, holds you tighter, picks you up when you need it, and makes you smile even in the hardest of times.

This was a rough week for me, but God has (once again) put people in my life to help encourage me. I have been so blessed. Although I was struggling this week with many different things, my friends have been there for me. They didn't think any less of me, they didn't guilt me or even pity me. They just knew somehow (only through the power of Christ) what to say to me to help me over my slump.

I have suffered for 8 years with depression. This week was a breaking point for me. I have been treated for 8 years through medication and I am truly thankful for that medication. I am a totally different person off the medicine and someday God will release me of this affliction, but for now I will take my medicine as I should. However, I was so depressed this week, I just knew that something was not working right. I thought maybe I needed to up the dosage of my current medicine or maybe I had forgotten to take my medicine (which I knew I had) I was just searching for any answer to all my sadness. I found my answer, but not through medicine.....I found my answer through Christ and He used my Blessed Friends. Without knowing my dear friends encouraged me, uplifted me, loved me, and held me through my anguish until I was OK to stand on my own. I am standing tall now, even a little taller, knowing that God is still with me. He has sent my dear sisters to help me, all I have to do is trust in Him. I have to not be afraid to ask Him. He always hears me, its just not always what I want to hear. So to my friends I say thank sisters I say I love you more than you will ever know and to Christ I give you my every being is yours to do your will, Lord.
Thank you.

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Jennifer said...

I am so glad to hear that God has once again showered you with His love through His people and that you are coming out of the fog. It is always hard, when in the midst of depression, to see a glimmer of light. I know several people, including DH in my opinion, who suffer with depression. It is not picky - it'll take anyone it can get. And Satan knows just how to use it to his advantage. Praise God that He has given you friends to help you through. Blessings.