Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Happy Reformation Day....

A little late, but better late than never!  : )  Here are some pictures of our little ones.  They decided to dress up this year and the 2 oldest girls got to "trick or treat" for the first time.  We normally attend a Fall Festival at some local churches, but they didn't have them this year, so we decided to stay home (and dry and warm).

Hope you enjoy!

Princess Middle Arrow and Sleeping Beauty

Aren't they cute?

Sleeping Beauty wanted to show off her curls in the back.

True to form.....Sleeping Beauty fell asleep while waiting for trick or treaters.  Poor thing.  She didn't miss anything though, we didn't have anyone!  :(  Unless you count our oldest 2 girls and their we had 5 trick or treaters!

Here's BUZZ Lightyear to the rescue!!!!!  He is the cutest little thing!
Pictures of the oldest 2 girls will have to wait until I get them from their friends.  We didn't get any of them, since they were soaked by the time they came here.  Hopefully I can get some fresh pictures of them before they went out that night.

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