Friday, March 6, 2009

Wishy Washy??

After a day playing in the snow, we watched as the snow quickly melted away. Now we have only traces of snow left and tomorrow the weather is expected to be in the 70's!! Go figure! It's amazing to me how crazy the weather can wishy washy, inconsistent, much like my life.

I have had to look at myself and re-evaluate who I am....what do I stand for.....what do I believe....does my life follow my convictions? I have joined a women's Bible study at church on a book "Faith and Doubt" and it has me thinking alot about myself and where do I fit into this world. I have really enjoyed the few sessions that I have attended, but I am struggling to find what God wants me to see. I think some days I know who I am, I am firm in my convictions and I stand strong....then something happens to knock the wind out of me and I can't stand up straight, I wobble, I turn and hide.....why am I like this? Why do we cower away from our true beliefs? Why must I always let the world in which I live in influence who I am or how I act? All I can say is that God is growing me. He has a purpose in my life, a purpose far bigger than I can see, a purpose He will reveal in His time and for now, I must wait, must persevere, I must continue on the path that I believe He has set before me and pray, Pray, PRAY that I am being obedient to His word.

To you this may sound like a random post.......but to me, it speaks of my struggle right now. for now, I will seek Him on my knees and praying that He answers me loud and clear. May we all meet Him on our knees and humble ourselves before our Lord and King.

Have a Blessed Weekend Y'all!


Teacher/Mom said...

Great post! Lots to make you think. I think one reason that we are so affected by the world is because the mandate to be "in the world but not of it" is such a difficult one. If we were not sinners, then the pull would not be so strong. But, because we are all sinners at heart, being in the world is such a strong pull on us that it is just so easy for us to succumb to it's flirtations and distractions.
My oldest has been watching the movie version of Pilgrim's Progress in her Sunday School class. She has been telling us all about it and now I really want to see it. I think it speaks to this dilemma. We are all on a journey first to salvation, then to work out that salvation by balancing our mission as ambassadors for Christ here on earth with our mission to become more like Christ. I think really the secret is just to cling to Christ in everything. So that on the days that we are wishy washy, He is our rock solid plumb line. Blessings.

Jennifer Shand said...

I think He has brought me to my knees as well, so if you don't mind I think I will join you there. Love you