Friday, December 5, 2008

Happy 3rd Birthday!

Today is your birthday, your 3rd birthday! Where has the time gone? You have grown so fast and so much this past year. I was watching you just yesterday and noticing how you can put so many words together in a complete sentence, how you say your sisters full names now and not your shortened version of their names, you brush your hair, get dressed, potty, brush your teeth, try and make your bed, all by yourself! What happened? When did you grow so much that you don't need me to help with these things anymore? I miss it already! You have become quite the little lady.

My prayer for you is that you always keep your sweet smile. Your smile can brighten the darkest of my days. It melts my harden heart like the sun melts the snow. Your laugh can fill a room and make others laugh even when they don't feel like it. Oh how I pray that you always keep these qualities.

Many people say that you are a mini version of me. As I watch your hand motions when you talk or tell a story, the faces that you make while talking, your shifting and smiling eyes and your whole facial expressions, I have to agree, you are alot like your mommy. I pray that you learn from my mistakes and you become a better person. You are at a sweet age and I love being your mommy, please continue to forgive me when I make those mistakes, just love me like you always do and remember to hug me often.

I know that God is working on your heart, even at this early age. You only know of Jesus birth at Christmas and not Santa bringing you presents. You know that God made you and everything else in this world. You are starting to realize that our hearts are selfish and only Jesus can change it when we trust in Him. You know how to sing of God's love and you say the sweetest prayers. I do pray that God will strengthen your faith and that you always have this faith, the faith of a child. May God Richly Bless You This Year and Many Many More Birthdays!

I love you! Mommy :D


Daddy said...

Daddy says Happy Birthday too!

I'm looking forward to fun at Chick-fil-a tonight!

The Shands said...

You have such a great way of expressing your feelings and the thoughts and comments you made about each child are so sweet. I'm gonna try and catch up my blog now.