Friday, December 19, 2008

Every Year.....

I do it every year!! Why do I let myself get this way? Every year I seem to work myself up in a tizzy. I am looking at 6 days until Christmas and I have not finished shopping, haven't baked the Christmas candy or cookies, we haven't done our gingerbread nativity, haven't wrapped any presents, haven't even finished making all the gifts yet. I still have a few skirts to make for the kids to wear for their Christmas outfits. WHERE did all the time go? Why do I stress out like this? I know Jesus isn't happy about me stressing out over all these selfish, needless things, but here I am.

Jesus, I am asking for you to help me Lord, I lay down all my burdens to you, if it be your will, please grant me the time to finish all these things. Even as I say that out loud, Lord, I know your answer. You don't want me to finish those things I listed above, because none of those things are what your birth is about. Please Lord, grant me the focus that I desire, help me to focus on your glory and the wonder and awe of the season at hand. I ask all these things in your precious name, AMEN.

Have a Blessed, Stress Free, Christ Centered CHRISTMAS!!

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