Thursday, November 20, 2008

One, Two, Three, Four, Five and Six.....

Yes, six of us on antibiotics for some reason or another. When it rains it pours! I have 2 kids that had bronchitis last Thursday and are finished with their medicine. Monday we added one child to the list of medicine, Tuesday we added 2 more kids and then today we added Mommy! So in the past 7 days we have had 4 bronchitis infections, 1 sinus infection and 1 bladder infection. (I will leave it to you to figure out who has what)I am ready for the sickies to be over....anyone else dealing with sickies? Maybe this means we are getting it out of the way before the holidays.

On a happier note, I have been inspired by a friend to start sewing again. I bought some patterns online, cute flannel material at Hancock's, now I just need to make a little time. The girls are very excited about their new jammies. I thought I would start with some cute Christmas jammies for everyone, including our blessed boy arrow. So, I guess I will be spending less time on the computer and more time with my homemakers-in-the-making. I love spending time with my kids, especially when I am passing down a skill that I learned from my grandmother. I think it is such a blessing to be able pass on to the next generation. It seems that homemaking is a dying art these days....maybe we can do our part to make it a comeback.

Have a Blessed Day!

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