Monday, November 24, 2008

LOOK What I can Do!!!!!

I DID IT!!!! I finally finished a sewing project from beginning to end!!! My kids are so excited about their new Christmas jammies and so am I!! I have never been able to finish a project. I always start things for my girls and then run to my mammaw for help. My mammaw made so many of my clothes when I was a child, she made clothes for my barbie dolls, cabbage patch dolls, and she has even made things for my girls. I treasure the outfits that she has made for us....and she has even started showing my oldest arrow how to sew. I love looking back and watching the 2 of them at the machine, it reminds me of myself as a child, sitting at the feet of my mammaw at that age. So now, finally after all these years of teaching me, it finally paid off!!! I finally finished the cutest nightgown for my second oldest arrow. Here are some pictures.



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