Tuesday, October 14, 2008

You know it's Fall when......

...there are soccer balls all over your house, in the bedroom, in the bathrooms, on the stairs, in the yard and everywhere else you can imagine. It has been a great soccer season, but it is close to coming to an end. 2 of my arrows have played this season and LOVED it. We have had so much fun attending soccer practices and games for the past 10 weeks. I know that I hate to see it end so soon. Now, I won't mind the soccer balls being picked up and put away, but I will miss the cheers from the side lines of my 2yr old arrow calling to her big sisters, "Come on ___, follow it! Follow it!" or my favorite "way to hustle _______." She can't pronounce their names correctly, so if you could hear it in her voice you would appreciate that so much more. However, it is still significant that my children all encourage one another in their talents, whatever it may be. I know that her day will come when she is playing some sport or showing off her talent and we will cheer on the side lines for her. I love to see my kids cheer each other, but how much more excited I should be when I hear my Lord cheering me from the sidelines. Come on Blessed Mommy, you can do it! I hear these cheers day in and day out, all day, everyday. Come on, you can home school those kids, way to hustle!! :)

Hustle I must, to get a child to one last soccer practice! Blessings for a GREAT day! Here are a few highlights of our soccer season! Enjoy!

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Teacher/Mom said...

Looks like fun. I had one who wanted to play last summer and I just couldn't handle it. As late as DH works each night I'd have to handle the littles all by myself the entire time. Told her she'd have to wait until another year. Our seasons are shorter here because of the cold and snow.