Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Unexpected Blessings....

You never know when God is listening....ok, so He is listening always, but I don't always remember that. Anyway, He was listening to me pour my heart out last week and over the weekend. Our schedule has changed drastically and I am conquering, but it's still work for me. I never expected it not to be work, but I also have a sick son in the midst right now. Yesterday a sweet friend blessed me....in more ways than one.
First she tried to plan all this with my dear husband. He told her of our sick son and the impending doctor appointment that interfered with her plan. She quickly changed her plan to not only to bring dinner for my family, but to come early enough to watch all the kids so that I could take little man to doctor without the whole crew. WHAT A BLESSING!!!! I am constantly amazed by this woman....she has an overwhelmingly, busy, full, plate of her own, but she is always showing the love of Christ by helping others. She never complains, she is always looking at how she can be of help to others and so very organized. I am envious, but a good envious, not a sinful envious. (it is more inspiring to me than envy)

So, dear friend, you know who you are.....THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart. You showed the love of Christ to me and my family today. We are ever so grateful!! You received crowns today for your wonderful works. My kids had a BLAST with you and wanted to know when you are coming back? Next time you can come here for dinner with the whole family and we can all play, not work, and I will be cooking for you. The fajitas were AWESOME and enjoyed by all!! Thanks for the recipe too...you knew I would be asking for it. Now I just need to recipe for the black bean and corn salsa!!! It is Awesome!!! We had never had it until last night and we all fell in love with it. Anyway, thank you again.

May God Richly Bless You for showing His Love and Kindness to us.
Blessed Mommy and family

So Readers, you never know (ok, ok, so YOU do) when God is looking to send someone your way to bless you. When He does, remember to thank Him and the blesser. :)


chickadee@afamiliarpath said...

that's wonderful!

Teacher/Mom said...

Wow! Making changes to the blog. I've been doing that as well. In order to appease a relative of mine who's concerned about me putting political stuff on the web, muchless on my homeschool blog, I started a second blog for all things political. You can access it off my main page.

Glad to hear things are going better for you.