Friday, August 15, 2008

Fabulous Friday...

It's Friday and I am so happy the week is over. It is so hard to come back from a long relaxing vacation and get back into the swing of things. I did manage to get everyone unpacked from their suitcases and the suitcases are now put away. It did take me all week, but it's done. We are caught up on laundry again and back to the normal 2-3 loads a day. The laundry is just a constant around here, like eating breakfast, lunch and has to be done or else.

My poor husband has worked late everyday this week, except for Tuesday and he insisted that I visit my friend that had her baby, so I am ready for some down time with my hubby. I miss him when he is not around. The kids don't behave as well when Daddy isn't around. There is just something about "Daddy" that Mommy doesn't have and they know it. My 2 year arrow has been AWFUL this week. She is really testing the limits with me and I go to bed every night thinking all I did was discipline her all day. Its days like these that make me say, YEP....5 kids is my limit....I'm DONE. :) Hee Hee Only the Lord knows for sure and for now I am to be content.

Have a Super Blessed Weekend everyone.

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Jennifer said...

Laundry - you know what I started doing? I have the older two do their own laundry. They each have a day of the week and they have to do their own. They don't divide it out by color so it is one load, usually, and they have to wash, dry and fold themselves. I bought a thing called a flip-n-fold and it helps them to fold things correctly. I also offer them a service opportunity to do their Dad's laundry every week and earn a dollar. Sometimes they do it and sometimes they don't. It makes my job easier anyway. They absolutely hate it and will try like the dickens to get out of it. I've decided that I'm going to get an extra long shirt and write with a fabric marker on it "I was irresponsible with my laundry and this is all I have left to wear!" Then make them wear it if they run our because they didn't do it when it needed to be done. Blessings.